RC test trucks equipped with RhinoForce S2

  • Traxxas Slash 4x4
  • Team Associated SC10
  • Trinigy Trooper 4x4

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About Us

Torsional Concepts is committed to  providing reliable and affordable solutions to the hobby enthusiast.  Our innovative design, RhinoForce,  was created to provide safety and convenience during RC racing.   Safety is everyone's responsibility.  RC vehicles are running faster and are used on both city roads and race tracks where accidents can happen.

RhinoForce could reduce children and adults from injury by being struck by an RC vehicle or worse by an oncoming vehicle on a city street by minimizing their presence on the track or road.  Our auto self-right solution gets your RC vehicle off it's back!

Torsional Concepts LLC

The worlds first self righting system for RC short course trucks

At Torsional Concepts, we know your serious when it comes to RC racing, we offer an innovative, easy to build and use self-right system that will enhance your driving time and pleasure; " The Power of RhinoForce".

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Torsional Concepts introduces RhinoForce S2. The first radio control car accessory that will make your vehicle flip over after a roll over... The power of RhinoForce!

Torsional Concepts

Simple Concepts and Designs That Work

Innovative Solutions for the Hobby Enthusiast 


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"When using our RC’s, we have all suffered a Roll Over that has left our wheels off of the ground and then we need to take the ”Walk of Shame” to put it back upright, so that we can get back to driving. Depending on how far you are away from your vehicle, the “Walk of Shame” can also be a bit of a pain and possibly risky. Well, those days can be a thing of the past, Torsional Concepts have come up with the RhinoForce S2...


  • Quickly self-right your vehicle back onto its wheels

  • Effortlessly flip your vehicle with the push of a button

  • Feel free of the need to run after your truck

  • Reduces your need to run onto a busy city street or track

  • Affordable and easy to build

RC SPARKS Adventure video featuring RhinoForce S2

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